Friday, December 9, 2011

Potluck Friday

Happy Friday!!!

  1. So please explain to me why texting and driving is unsafe, but Norman PD on laptops and driving is safe? Actually, i understand why texting and driving is unsafe...but i'm still at a loss as to how our (wo)men and blue can justify how looking on a laptop while maneuvering down Flood Ave. is safe. I saw this with my own eyes this morning. Me and Mr. PoPo side by side going about 30 down flood. Every time i glanced his way, he was looking at his laptop, using one hand to drive, the other to tap on his computer. Me thinks this be unsafe.
  2. I saw the preview for the best thing ever: Celebrity Wife Swap! Wait, it gets better...Flava Flav will be on it. 1) I didn't even know he had a wife (WHO married him!) and 2) I can't wait for him to order his new wife to polish all his clocks daily!
  3. In the last two weeks i've received more evidence that i'm getting old. Both realizations came from two of the kiddos i work with. I was showing one of my Littles a picture of Riv dressed like Mr. T for Halloween.
    Little: Who is he supposed to be
    ReRe: Mr. T
    Little: Who is Mr. T?
    ReRe: You know, the guy from that old show The A Team. gold chains? Mohawk? Big black dude in army pants?
    Little: I've never heard of him.
    ReRe: Well, back in the day he was The Rock. Super strong, tough guy.
    Little: The Rock? Ohhh, you mean that old wrestler dude?
    Geesh, even my "current" pop culture references are old

    And the later in the week i made a Pee-Wee Herman reference and a 14 year-old said "Who's that?" yet, she made a reference to the show "Good Times" ??? Um, ok?!
  4. What's Riv doing right now as mommy blogs? He is shoving hand fulls of cheerios into the dog's mouth (these cheerios are ones he has already sucked on).
  5. When i get married again (to James of course), i'm going to walk down the aisle to this song by Bruno Mars. I can't help but to smile and feel like a giddy girl in love when i hear it.

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