Monday, May 10, 2010

Ode to CoverGirl

I have a bone to pick with CoverGirl. For about a month i've been searching for the blush that i've grown fond of over the years. I've looked high (Target) and low (Wally World) and it's no where to be found. Apparently CoverGirl has discontinued my blush -- the only blush they made for folks of the dark chocolate persuasion.

Now, before you start telling me how Queen Latifah and Rianna wear CoverGirl so there must be a shade out there for me, i must explain that those two lovely ladies are what my grandma would call "of the yellow bone persuasion." Ain't nothing wrong with being yellow -- my kids will be yellow and clearly my daughter will have no problem finding blush. But this is about me.

I've tried finding another blush in another brand but every thing is too rosy and either makes me look like i'm doing a play or like i have powdered donut dust on my cheeks. I may have to break down and order some Avon or see if Mary Kay finally started making makeup for chocolate people. I went to my first and only Mary Kay party about 10 years ago and realized that Miss Mary didn't realize folks came shades other than pale. But it's been a decade so I might give her another shot.

Now, listen up CoverGirl. You are already on my crap-list so i suggest you make sure you continue producing the eye shadows and mascara i like or i might have to call Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.


T. Marie said...

I'm not going to get offended by the trash talk you did on Mary Kay. Perhaps your consultant at the time was just an idiot because we've had make up for "chocolate people" for quite some time now. Most of the millionaires in our company are fierce black chicks and I don't think they'd make that kind of money selling a product they couldn't wear. I've been a consultant for over 8 years and your party was 10 years ago. Perhaps you just need to let your negative thoughts that you aquired 10 YEARS AGO go and try again with someone who actually knows what they are doing. End of rant.

Also, there is this huge make up place called Ulta that you can go to, it has all kinds of chocolate people blush there!! Not to mention that Target and Wal-Mart are just about the most lame picked over places you can attempt to buy make up.

But what do I know about make-up, I just sell Mary Kay! ;)

ReRe said...

oh T, i knew you'd flame me! hahahaha.
I've tried ulta, but they are a little pricey -- and snooty for me. I know Mary Kay looks down upon Target and Wally but i'm on a budget -- and i love me some covergirl!

and i'm not the only dark chocolate lady who dislikes Mary Kay's options -- that's why all my aunties sold Avon!

ang said...

why are you wearing blush? are we in 1980????

ReRe said...

i look dang good in my blush!

Jennifer K said...

With me it's lipstick. I nearly had a breakdown when Smashbox discontinued my favorite color. I have the opposite problem of you. I'm a white girl with a very fair complexion. I have to be very careful with lipstick. It can't be too pink, too red or too dark. Luckily for me Wet n' Wild makes a really great shade that suits my coloring (and it's cheap). Good luck with finding the proper blush.