Monday, May 3, 2010

I just flew in from Mexico, and my arms are tired

I'm back!!! After a week off celebrating my 5 year anniversary, I have finally returned -- FROM CANCUN!

Words can not describe how awesome my tan is. James on the other hand is still clear :)

Our trip had lots of highs -- and some lows. I'll start with the lows:

Getting hit so hard by a wave that i threw up in the ocean. I opted to avoid the ocean after that due to fear that i was shaking my unborn child loose.
(TMI warning) Two days in need of Pepto, Mylanta or a cork. And no, i did not drink the water.
Going on a Mayan tour sans bug spray. I an now covered in mosquito bites from the waste down.
James sneaking up behind me in the pool, grabbing me around my belly and i uncontrollably peed. Apparenly at 4 months pregnant my bladder is never empty.
Peeing in the ocean, only to realize that i was not in the ocean, but on the shore. So yes, my grown self peeing on the shore.
The highs:
Watching my hubby drink for the two of us. Mexico brings out the drinker in James, and at 147 pounds, it does not take much to get teh party started with him!
Our view from our hotel room. It was breathtaking.
The Mexican Michael Jackson impersonator who performed one night at the hotel. I still giggle when i think of him.
The food. I had a steak as big as my head -- twice! Soooooo good
No alarm clocks or cell phones.
Some fun quotes from the trip:
(while packing)
ReRe: Why do you only have two pairs of underwear packed?
James: I figured i'd be in my swimming trunks most of the time and didn't really need underwear.
(while swimming)
James: I feel like i'm going to throw up in the pool..
ReRe: oh baby, are you that drunk?
James: No, i just think it would be kind of fun.
(don't worry, he didn't throw up in the pool!)

Here's a few pics:


not so zen momma said...

Looks like a dream!

And if nobody tells you, your bladder is never going to be the same again.

Lil' Woman said...

Ahhh...I want to be on the beach!!
Glad you fun besides all the throw up and pee stuff.