Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thank heaven for little girls...

First let me say that we are safe. Tornadoes hit pretty close to us, but they missed our area by a several miles.

So how did i spend my night of storms? Huddled in my bathroom? In my closet with a radio? Holding on to a light post outside? None of the above. I was at the hospital with Lil Bro. For a couple of hours, Lil Bro, his girlfriend (who i was kind to -- even though it's hard) and I were huddled in a dark hallway on the 4th floor of Norman Regional Hospital. Lil Bro was the youngest patient on that floor by 70 years and the only one who was not in a hospital bed (he was in a gown, hooked to an IV).

Why was Lil Bro in the hospital you ask? Well, lets just say that when you don't know how to walk away from a fight, you risk the chance of getting your jaw broken in to places. Yes, Lil Bro and a former-friend decided to play Fight Club on Saturday and for two days Lil Bro was walking around with a broken jaw.

He is still awaiting surgery (it was supposed to happen yesterday, but the storms and injured folks pushed him and his jaw to the back of the line). Lil Bro's incident is just another reason why i'm beginning to hope that Pumpkin Seed is a girl. Boys are rough. My mama, bless her soul, raised two of them. And i can honestly say they had WAY more bumps and boo-boos than i ever did.

Here are a few things i WON'T be dealing with if I have a girl (*note: all of these actually happened to Middle Bro, Lil Bro or both):

  • Getting a call from school because tiny privates were accidentally zipped up.
  • Getting bit by a mysterious bug. Beating it to death -- so badly that to this day the type of bug has never been identified.
  • Breaking a toe just months after learning to walk -- and then taking only 5 minutes to learn how to hobble around in a tiny dinosaur cast.
  • Setting a couch on fire.
  • Setting a bunk bed on fire.
  • Setting your big sister's room on fire.
  • Putting the pomeranian in the dryer.
  • Feeding the fish dryer lint
  • nearly poking an eye out while trying to cut off your eyelashes (lashes your sister would kill for).
  • Taking a pair of clippers to your own 3 year-old head. cutting so far down that the hair still does not completely grow there.
  • Trying to jump over your little brother with your bike, but landing on him instead (leaving Lil Bro with a tire-track scar across his belly).
  • Getting in trouble for throwing black cats at your 2nd grade teacher.
  • Eating a spider -- another fun trip to the ER
  • Piercing your ear with a vice grip and a needle

I'm sure there are tons more things these boys did over the years, but i've either forgot them or blocked them out (and this list does not even include the teen years).


Lil' Woman said...

Boys will be boys, but hot damn your bro's were crazy!!

not so zen momma said...

Now I have a sinking feeling in my stomach as the mother of two boys.

Misty said...

but you love them still so thats all that counts.

Crystal Clear As Mud said...

OK, that last one got to me...queasy stomach...

Melessa said...

My sister is a nurse at NRH, but recently moved over to the new building. She knew who Marilyn was and said that even her own daughter thinks she's mean. Well, that's a nicer version of what she said since this is a family blog and all. ;) Good luck to Lil Bro today! (And to you for the next few weeks watching out for him.)

jennykate77 said...

OH geez! You've got this mama a little freaked out! LOL. Isaiah has yet to do anything too bad...playing in the mud and dirt and writing on a bedroom wall...he's a little fiesty and likes to take matters into his own hands, if you know what I mean, but other than that it's been pretty easy. I didn't know you were expecting! How exciting!! Congrats!