Friday, June 18, 2010

Potluck Friday

  1. All i have to say is that it does not get anymore trailer park than this:

I may not know much about diapers (now anyway), but aren't they supposed to be covered up? And if so, than what's the point of them being "stylish"? Yeah, yeah, there are tons of babies who run around town with nothing but a diaper on, but the operative word is here is "nothing." They aren't sporting their jean diaper AND a white button-down and loafers. I expect this to be a flashback from Earl on My Name is Earl -- not an actual commercial made on purpose. I promise you that my boy will NOT be wearing jean diapers.

2. When i was addressing my Father's Day Card, i actually wrote my hubby's name on the envelope (a gross slip) instead of my dad's! Luckily my dad's name is also James, so all i had to do was scratch out the last name -- but it was still an awkward moment. Does this mean i have daddy issues?

3. I saw a commercial for an Oklahoma City hospital that was bragging about how there is no waiting in its ER. Apparently you can go online and reserve your spot. There are so many things wrong with this. First off, if i've accidentally sliced off my finger while trying to be Emeril in the kitchen, the last thing i'm doing is getting online and reserving a spot for 2 hours from now! And are they gonna really stick to those appointments or are they gonna be like the Social Security office where appointments are like fruit baskets -- it makes you feel good to get one, but everyone knows they mean absolutely nothing. So, let me get this right. If i've reserved a spot for, let's say 4:15, because i'm having terrible heartburn and need something stronger than what Wally World offers, and some dude rushes in with half his face gone, I'm gonna be seen before him because i have a reservation? Yeah right!

4. This is week is 22 of pregnancy, and i have put more time in than i have left to go! Woot Woot. Some highlights of this past week were:
  • Lil Bro got to listen to the heartbeat (i'm a dork and bought a hand-held doppler so i can listen to my boy's heartbeat all the time). It made my day to see Lil Bro smile so big. He's very excited about being Uncle Lil Bro and having a nephew!
  • James finally got to feel a kick. River has been kicking the crap out of me for about a month, but they were not strong enough to be felt from the outside -- until last night.
  • My stomach is beginning to round out -- so i actually am beginning to look pregnant and not like i just came back from a 2-hour love fest at Golden Corral.
  • Other things are rounding out as well. My loving best friend Cristina asked me: "What's going on back there." Back where? "There." and then she pointed to the extra junk in the trunk that i'm carrying. Yes, it actually is possible for my butt to get bigger.
  • James and i watched some birth videos online. I thought it would be a good idea to prepare him for the scariness that's to come. Apparently i needed the preparing. The videos were too scary for words and i've decided that I will request to be knocked out during child birth and to never have to see anyone who was in the delivery room again (I should never have to face anyone that has seen THAT much of me - this includes James. Love you baby, it's been a fun ride, but i will have to say goodbye if you dare peak south of the border).
5. What's ReRe jamming this week? "Billionaire" by Travie McCoy (and i love the name Travie!):


Melessa said...

My daughter and my OBGYN's son were at the same school last year. Both were really involved in drama club. I only like to see him in scrubs in his office or in the delivery room. At school performances? Not so much.

I don't care how many people live here, Norman will always be a small town.

Fortunately, his son has moved on to the high school and my daughter still has 7th and 8th grade to go.

Lil' Woman said...

I watched some of that birthing stuff on Discovery Health and I thought I was going to throw up...I still have nightmares.

On another note:
Love that song.

Jessica said...

I've been wanting to comment for so long on your blog. You CRACK ME UP. Today finally felt like the right day. I've met you IRL...I'm friends with Samantha and I believe we attended a "party" at her house before. For toys of *ahem* the adult variety.

On the ER waiting - I've been to the Edmond hospital that makes that claim. And, yeah, you get through the waiting room pretty quickly (without an appointment even!). But then they get you back into a room...that's where the waiting is. Went in for a migraine one day and I "waited" in a room for over 2 hours before I was finally seen and released! Advertising...

Also, I don't know if you're considering an epidural. But I can't recommend it enough. Seriously. I cried after my son was born and they took me off of it. I've never had such a spiritual experience as when the epidural started working. It was like God speaking to me. So then, the pushing and birthing...I didn't feel a thing. Nothing. No screaming and grunting...just peace. Anyway...

ReRe said...

i know women have been birthing babies long before i was even thought of, but there's gotta be an easier way to get this kid out! All teens should be required to watch the video that i watched. I GUARANTEE they will close up those legs! Oh, i'm all about an epidural!!! and yes, i remember the "party." hahah. that's probably how i'm in this baby situation!

Laura J. said...

You know statistics say that 1 out of 3 or 4 women have a bowel movement during childbirth. I was really worried about that but then I ended up with an emergency c section so I was saved from shitting myself. LOL. You guys are naming him River? My neighbor has a little boy named River!! That's cool!

Tony Palmer said...

I Can't agree more on the diaper thing. The trailer parks must be a big chunk of the market for them to actually make those things. My kid doesn't even run around the house in just a diaper very often, let alone in public. As far as theb irth stuff, we had Logan at home and at first when Jen said she wanted a home birth I was like "No Way", but after all the research and literature she shared with me about hospitals and the un-needed procedures they put you through I'm glad we did it that way. An epidural is a great thing for pain, but it can also slow the whole process WAY down. And finally, I swear I'm gonna submit this blog URL to some magazines or TV shows, because you are so good at it you should get some more pub, or at least get some cash for it. Catch ya lata, Tony.

ReRe said...

thanks tony! and i too have been reading up on epidurals and it does freak me out that it can slow down the process. i don't like pain, but i'd rather have some pain for a little bit than be in labor for 30 hours.

Celena said...

On the ER thing- if you're not seen by the doc within 10 minutes of your appt time the ER fees are waived, so they are committed to keeping your appt time. Of course if an immediate emergency walks in that has a greater need they will take care of that patient first. But there aren't a whole lot of appts available per each time slot so it shouldn't really be a problem.

Look at it this way- if you are sick (or your kid/husband/brother), it's 10 at night- you want to see a doc but can't wait until the morning. Urgent care is closed. So, you can go to the ER and sit there for an hour or two in the waiting room, being all anxious, wondering when they'll call you...or you can go online and make an appointment, and spend that hour or two waiting at home, knowing when you get to the ER you'll see the doc upon arrival. After being in the ER with a sick baby, I know it would totally be worth it to wait in the comfort of my home.

ReRe said...

sounds like a good idea in theory, but a few folks i know used the appt thing and got put in a room upon arrival, but still waited for 2 hours to be seen by a doc. so i guess the only difference was the room they waited in! i just think "emergency" and "appointment" are oxymorons!