Monday, March 21, 2011

Aflac Regulates

Last week two very sad things happened in celeb world.

1. Gilbert Gottfried was fired as the the voice of the Aflac duck after making making insensitive comments on his Twitter page about the Tsunami in Japan. Why is this sad? Umm, because Gilbert Gottfried got fired from a job that most people didn't even know he had! I mean, maybe i've been under a rock, but i had no idea that was Gilbert Gottfried's voice. I also had no idea that Aflac duck said anything other than "AAAFFlac" and i'm pretty sure they could of hired me for cheaper.

The other sad item. And this one truly brought a tear to my eye.

2. Nate Dogg died. If you just asked yourself "Who's Nate Dogg?" please click the red x and exit this blog. We can no longer be friends. BUT before you do that, if "Regulaaatorrrrssss" refreshes your memory, you can continue reading. If not, see step #1. For those of you who don't know who Nate Dogg is and don't follow directions, i'll fill you in -- with one of the best songs EVER. Oh how this takes me back to being 13 and thinking i was so "gangster." Which clearly is not the case since i say "gangstER."


Valerie Scherbart Quist said...

I'm sad about Nate Dogg, too. :(

Lil' Woman said...

RIP Nate Dogg : (

Karen Peterson said...

I didn't know who Nate Dogg was until I heard about his passing. But then I realized I had heard about him and didn't know it.

Anyway, it really is sad news.