Friday, March 18, 2011

Potluck Friday

Happy Friday! It's a gorgeous Friday morning at 5:15 a.m., a perfect time to get ready for a zumba in 30 minutes (if i act positive about it, i will forget the fact that i'm exhausted! i know i will feel good AFTER class. it's good for me, it's good for my booty).

  1. First off i must wish the most beautiful goddaughter in the world a happy 1st birthday! I love you Isabel!

  2. James gets job offers in the mail all the time. That's the blessing about working in the medical field. He recently got one from a company that's been pursuing him pretty hardcore. I don't know much about the owner in this company besides that he clearly pays attention to pop culture. How do i know. Umm, well because the job offer had a picture of Charlie Sheen on it and it said: What do "Company's name" and Charlie Sheen have in common? 1) We are both "WINNING" 2) We both have Tiger's Blood and Adonis DNA! 3) He needs a job, We HAVE a job.
    Yes, seriously, this is what it said! I laughed for a solid 5 minutes, though i don't think #3 is truly a commonality. But you gotta give them an A for effort and hilarity!

  3. I think River's Elmo doll might be a perv. It's one of those dolls that says different things. And i'm disturbed that it's only phrases are: Unzip Elmo's jacket, look in Elmo's pocket for his phone/frog.
    I'm just disturbed that every command is either stick you hands in Elmo's pants or take off an article of clothing. Forget being worried about Katy Perry, Sesame Street needs to keep an eye on that little red dude.

  4. I'm happy to report that my first week of Lent has gone amazingly well. I've been tempted by sweets, but i haven't caved. And i've seen some results -- 2 pounds down as of yesterday! My goal is to have lost 10 pounds by Easter. And my plan is to gain it all back Easter day when i make sweet sweet love to a chocolate sheet cake i plan to make!

  5. What's ReRe jamming this week? Far East Movement's Rocketeer (ft. Ryan Tedder). Me LOVES this song! This group is so freaking talented

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Lil' Woman said...

I don't trust Elmo....there is a sick little man behind that lispy red exterior.