Monday, March 7, 2011

People with 662 area codes are nuts, here is the proof!

I don't even know where to begin!

On our way home from church and errands yesterday, my phone rang. It was an area code and number i didn't recognize. For a split second i thought it was Sallie Mae trying to get sneaky and call from another line -- but that's a whole nother blog. Anywhoo, i answered it. And then this post was born:

ReRe: Hello
Charlie Sheen's black twin: Pam?! Pam, is this you? How you doing girl.
ReRe: This isn't Pam, you have the wrong number.
Charlie Sheen's black twin: Do you know Pam?
ReRe: No, i don't.
Charlie Sheen's black twin: Well, someone called me from this number. From a 405 number. Do you know anyone with a a 405 number.
ReRe: Yes, i know myself. But i didn't call you. I think you must have misdialed.
Charlie Sheen's black twin: Well, look at that. I'm trying to find Pam, but i ended up finding a new friend. Who needs a dating service when you can just dial. So, you wanna be my friend.
ReRe (fining it hard not to laugh. i put him on speaker phone so James can hear the funniness): I already have a friend. I'm married.
Charlie Sheen's black twin: Come on. We can be friends. I'm a millionaire.
ReRe: Well, that's nice. But i'm taken.
Charlie Sheen's black twin: Do you have a picture phone? Can you get pictures on your phone? I can send you pictures of my house. I'm a millionaire.
ReRe (took me a while to figure out what a picture phone was): Nope, can't get pictures on my phone. So don't send anything. Good luck finding Pam.
Charlie Sheen's black twin: I don't need Pam. I found you.
ReRe: Well, that's too bad. I'm taken.
Charlie Sheen's black twin: Come on. I need a white girl.
(Finally, my way out!) ReRe: Well, i'm a black girl.
Charlie Sheen's black twin: No you're not.
ReRe: I promise you, yes i am.
Charlie Sheen's black twin: But you sound white.
ReRe: It's called proper English. But yes, i'm black.
Charlie Sheen's black twin: ok. bye. (hangs up)

thank god 8 years ago when james prank called me he was looking for a black girl!

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swalker5150 said...

That is just hilarious!!