Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It Depends

So i haven't seen it with my own eyes -- and i couldn't even find it on Youtube -- but word on the street is that Whoopi is doing Poise commercials. Well you know what? I applaud my comedic partner. It takes guts to admit to yourself that you tee tee when you giggle, let alone admit it to the entire world!

Heck, when some of my mommy friends (wrongly) freaked me out and told me I'd need to where depends after having River i was embarrassed to just standing on the grown people diaper aisle and trying to quickly see what the options were. I decided that 29 was way to young an age to buy those -- baby or no baby! If Charlie Sheen doesn't need Depends after an all night bender of taking the drug Charlie Sheen, neither do I!

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