Friday, March 25, 2011

Potluck Friday

Happy Friday!!!

  1. It's Teeeee-Shirrrrt Time! I earned my March Madness t-shirt from the YMCA this morning! Every March the Y does March Madness and if you get a punch for every day you work out. If you collect enough punches for the month you get a free t-shirt! This is my third shirt i've earned! Heck yeah! I worked hard for this shirt. I had 5 punches to get this week and i went to the gym every freaking day so i could earn my shirt by the end of the week! I've been sweating it out like Chris Brown in the GMA dressing room!

  2. Does it smell like IHop in here or is it just me? Yeah, it's me. I love my son so much that i'm walking around smelling like maple syrup just so he can get his grub on. Apparently a side effect of fenugreek, an herb that helps increase breastmilk production, is that mamas smell like maple syrup. I've heard this could happen, but underestimated it. BAD IDEA. I literally smell like a grand slam breakfast. It's oozing from my pores! Thank goodness i don't smell like breakfast sausage - considering James is a vegetarian!

  3. James and i recently rented The Other Guys. It was a turd. This is hard for me to say because i love me some Marky Mark. But Mark should stick with drama because comedy (unless he's doing is shirtless a la Date Night) just doesn't work. And well, Will Farrell is, umm..let's just say that Elf was good, but it's not 2003 anymore.

  4. What's ReRe jamming this week? "Coming Home" by P Diddy ft. Skylar Grey (yes, P DIDDY just made my blog! Is that still his name? I used to be a fan (When he was Sean Puffy Combs), and then wasn't, and maybe i am again. who knows. But i loves this song!


not so zen momma said...

I agree about "The Other Guys," except for the scene where they are recovering from the explosion... the laughs there are worth a $1 Red Box rental.

Lil' Woman said...

I like that song the lyrics tho it makes me think he wants to wife up Kim, but we all know he won't :) lol