Monday, August 23, 2010

Convos with my Cousin

I'm sure some of you remember my tales of my crazy cousin Keisha -- trying out for American Idol a month after the season was already on, calling me in while she was in labor and trying to chit chat and gossip, leaving voicemails on her phone telling the repo company they were never gonna find her car, etc.

She's given herself the title of my "favorite cousin" and frankly i have to admit that she does keep me entertained the most. Every time i talk to her, 5 new blogs immediately come to my mind. Here is a synopsis of yesterday's conversation:

Crazy Cousin Keisha: Hey cousin! Guess what?
ReRe: What? ( i always get nervous when she starts conversations like that)
Crazy Cousin Keisha: I'm getting married?
ReRe: To the old guy?
CCK: No! I am done with him. Well...we are still together, but we aint' "together."
are you as confused as i was?
ReRe: Huh? Ok? So who are you marrying.
CCK: XXX (i'm protecting all identities, well except my cousin's!). I used to date him 6 years ago and we've recently reconnected.
ReRe: And now you are engaged?
CCK: Yeah, but we aren't going to get married for a while....he's not eligible for parole until 2027.
ReRe: WHAT?! He's in prison? How did you meet a dude in prison?
CCK: DOC website.
ReRe: Keisha! That website is NOT E Harmony or! You don't look up people on that site so you can date them!
CCK: Girl, i know! But there's just something about him.
ReRe: Yeah, there is, it's called prison. If a dude is wearing state-issued underwear, he is UNDATEABLE. And i guarantee you he is writing you and probably 4 other ladies who all think in 17 years he's gonna marry them.
CCK: You think?
ReRe: Ummm, yeah. EVERY dude in prison wants to marry you -- until they get out of prison!
CCK: Cousin, you are my conscience! I'm so glad you i talked to you. You really got me thinking...
Yes! I'm getting through! I'm getting through!
CCK: ...when i talk to him tonight i'm gonna ask him if he's writing anyone else.

Oh well, i thought i was getting through. Wait, that was harsh. I don't know Mr. State-Issued Underpants. Maybe he really is only into my cousin, maybe he'll be honest with her and say he has 15 other fiances...and maybe he didn't commit that armed robbery.


Nadine Hightower said...

Oh My!! Seriously, trollin' for dates on the DOC is just so bad. I look up people that I went to High School With... so sad.

ReRe said...

yeah, i look up highschool folks too -- to laugh, not date!

Anonymous said...

I sure wish she had a different least our names aren't spelled the same. (and most of the family adds the "crazy" prefix so that helps too)

Your other cousin,