Friday, August 13, 2010

Potluck Friday

This has been a loooooooooooooong week. But it's almost ova!

  1. So this was week 2 of birth class, and i must say that it should be illegal to show the videos we are watching. Remember the crowning scene in Knocked Up that lasted about 7 seconds but stayed with you forever? Well, imagine 2 hours of that -- for 5 weeks! I thought i was more mature, but apparently i haven't changed since 10th grade when we watched Miracle of Life and sat there with my eyes half closed, squeezing my legs until they hurt. The difference between now and then is: Then, my thought was "That's gross and i'm never going to do that." and Now, my thought is "That's gross, and i'm doing that in 10 weeks." On the bright side, James is not freaked out at all, so at least i know he will be a good labor coach.
  2. Speaking of babies, labor and all that fun stuff. The other day i was perusing my favorite site -- well, besides this one --Babycenter and saw the funniest post in a forum: Can anyone tell me where to find plus-size skinny jeans? I cracked up when i read this. Is this lady serious? I'm one of those plus-size ladies who truly believes just because it comes in your size, doesn't mean you should wear it! Honestly, i don't think ANYONE should wear skinny jeans. They are just not flattering -- unless you are going for the junkie look. I just found it amusing that the words "plus-size" and "skinny" were both used to describe a pair of jeans!
  3. I don't know if electing to make his exit via the emergency slide was his best decision, but i can't help but to look up to JetBlue's Steven Slater for doing what so many of us who have every worked customer service have wanted to do! Oh how i wish i could go back and yell at some folks at Burger King, like the crazy dude who didn't want me to touch any of his stuff. Or the crazy Target lady who was mad that i wouldn't accept a check from her -- after watching her scratch out the printed name on top and write in her own name! Go Steven!
  4. What am i jamming this week? "I Got Your Back" by T.I. featuring Keri Hilson. All i have to say about T.I. is mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm good!


not so zen momma said...

I tried on jeggings - it was horrific. What was I thinking? I'm sticking to wide legs and boot cut jeans.

ReRe said...

jeggingings?! omg! i've never heard of such a thing, but now i must see a pair!

not so zen momma said...

Jean leggings. I didn't know the terminology until a trip to Kohl's. Completely validated why I was truly there - to buy some tennis shoes.

Lil' Woman said...

I wil admit this and hope that my blog auntie status is not revolted but I own a pair of jeggings and I will continue further and say that I FREAKIN LOVE THEM!

I thought the same thing many people think like WTF, who would wear that but they are awesome..I can go out to a nice restuarant, pig out, and not have to worry about splitting or breaking buttons off my pants.

Obviously my inner/outter fat ass is speaking for the love of jeggings.