Friday, August 27, 2010

Potluck Friday

  1. In less than 3 hours i'm gonna get to see my boy's face -- well, if he cooperates! James and I are going to go do one of those freaky 3D ultrasounds. I'll admit that every 3D u/s i've seen has scared me to death. The babies look like aliens and it's just wrong how their legs will be up by their ears. BUT this u/s will be different cus it's MY KID! And of course he'll be a cute as can be (even if he looks freaky, i will never admit it)!
  2. As I approach the end of my 20's -- 10 days till my 29th birthday -- i've realized that i'm old. No, i'm not Joan Rivers old, but i'm old enough that there are just some things I -- and other folks my age and older -- should just not be doing or saying. Those things include:
    -- dying your hair two-toned. I'm not talking about highlights. I'm talking about platinum blond on the top and black on the bottom. Not cool (don't thin it ever was, but definitely not cool at this age)
    --getting nose rings, belly rings, any ring but an ear ring and tattoos. This should have been done about 8 years ago. No 29 year-old woman should wake up one morning and say "I think i'm gonna go get a tramp stamp today!"
    --Seriously use the term "baby daddy" or "baby mama." Yes, i jokingly call James my baby daddy, but it pains me to hear folks use this term in a serious manner such as court!
    --Posting Facebook updates about how hung over you are or how last night you beat someone up.
    --Now, this one might be my own personal opinion (cus the rest are facts and laws): saying phrases like "What it do" "That's what's up" "Imma do me/Doin Me" or any other form of that. I cringe when i hear folks who aren't Lil Wayne or my 19 year-old brother say that.
  3. James and I rented Hot Tub Time Machine this week, and i will admit this to only my closest friends: I FREAKING LOVED IT. Yes, it had crude language, explicit drug use and naked body parts, but it was hilarious! I truly believe that i'm a teenage boy, so that's what's up.
  4. What am i jamming this week? I don't know if it's hormones or just b/c i'm a girlie girl, but every time i hear that song "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars i want to cry (i've actually cried once). If i was a man and James was a woman, i'd sing it to him every day. Heck, i think i'm gonna sing it to him anyway:


Anonymous said...


ReRe said...

it is soooooo good! i'd totally play it at my wedding -- if it had been around 5 years ago!

TheFabJG said...

Got my tramp stamp YEARS glad I made it in under the bar! ;)

ang said...

ummm, didnt cristina dye her hair like that not too long ago with purple or something???

and i love tattoos. i have a new one on my arm but i dont think you've seen it. i would never get a tramp stamp though. not because i'm not a tramp, but because i'm fat. just not cute rolled over the back on my jeans. :/

and rere!!! i'm going to be living in oklahoma again for your birthday!! i expect cake!

seriously. strawberry cake with pink frosting. work on that.

cant wait to see you and your growing belly! =)

ReRe said...

ang, don't you know that these rules -- and any other rants and rules -- don't apply to you!

i can't wait for you to be back in Okiehoma!

Lil' Woman said...

I also got my tramp stamp at a young age...but I still got a few more years before my cut off so till then imma do :)